Good PCB material is a guarantee to a customer

                                                 Good PCB material is a guarantee to customer

With the rapid development of the mobile phone, electronics, and communications industries, and the continuous growth and rapid growth of the PCB circuit board industry, the requirements for the number of layers, weight, precision, materials, color, and reliability of components are increasing. The higher it is.


However, due to fierce market price competition, the cost of PCB board materials is also on the rise. More and more manufacturers are monopolizing the market at low prices in order to enhance their core competitiveness. However, behind these ultra-low prices, the material cost and process cost are reduced, but the device is usually prone to cracks (cracks), scratches, (or scratches), and the comprehensive factors such as precision and performance are not up to standard. , seriously affecting the solderability and reliability of the products used.

Winco-PCB would insist on the good material purchasing in stock according to the mostly customers constant repeated order. We mainly get FR4, Aluminum core material in stock. We would rather refuse a order than using a cheap material in order to get a lower price for customer.